about marketpro direct
Who We Are

MarketPro Direct (MPD) is a specialized firm that offers a full range of results-driven marketing and advertising services for manufacturers, distributors and franchisors.

Our mission is to help move your products or services more easily through the supply chain, from origin to destination, with marketing services tailored to every stage of that journey.

To do this, we provide a level of professional marketing and advertising know-how on par with what you would expect from a large agency – but without the bureaucracy, overhead and cost.

We can work with your in-house marketing staff – or function as your outsourced marketing department.

What We Do

MPD plans, designs and creates a full range of marketing support materials and programs designed to solicit prospective customers and retain existing ones.

How We Do It

MPD draws from a pool of talented and creative professionals in virtually every area of marketing, from planning, writing and design to production, fulfillment and media placement.

In addition, every client project gets the personal, one-on-one attention of Mark Bollegar, MPD’s president, who directs a hand-picked team chosen to match each project’s unique specifications and requirements.

You always get the individual service of MPD’s top person, regardless of the size of your project or account.

How We’re Different

  • We only work with clients determined to be a good “skill set” fit
  • We create all work based on clearly delineated planning and strategy developed after a thorough assessment of client needs
  • We respect our clients, their budgets and requirements

With our personal approach and our commitment to well-planned and executed marketing, MPD can do anything and everything a large agency can do for your business – faster, more effectively and for less cost.